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Location schematic
Location schematic

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 203-way 217 Road Chenghai Chenghai Chenghai South Line

Address: Guangdong Shantou Chenghai Jinhong Road, Hengyuan Cold Chain Logistics Park


In the dream run -- in the growth of Hengyuan

Release date:2015-07-16 20:07:20

    By the end of 2014, soaring Hengyuan cold chain, as we had expected, the atmosphere is magnificent stands on the cold chain logistics park in Shantou City Chenghai Jinhong road Hengyuan this vast land.

    We have integrated service center and cold chain logistics transportation, distribution, delivery and other auxiliary facilities and equipment. Our team will work together with customers through professional discussions, in a timely manner to solve the problem of the best solution.

    We build has the international first-class level of low-temperature library, and is equipped with a frozen food processing workshop, cold storage facilities can maximum satisfy your requirements, choose to store goods assured place.

Our work is in accordance with the requirements of the cold chain, cold chain logistics information system and food safety inspection system. We carefully check each link, to ensure that the work carried out smoothly.

    Library capacity of 40000 tons, frozen whole industry chain, improve the supporting facilities, professional management team. Every day we are in a little bit of progress, hope efforts to improve oneself, let oneself to the best attitude face of the broad masses of customers, better service to you.

    Forty thousand tons library capacity, the whole frozen industrial chain, supporting facilities, professional management team.

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