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Refrigerator car air-conditioning odor removal methods

Mainly fluorine refrigerator car air conditioning system as medium, through the transformation system pressure, to achieve the goal of refrigeration. It by evaporation tank, expansion valve, compressor, blower, condenser, dry of tank and piping. Evaporation in the air conditioning system to work normally, when the box is working in a cold environment, meet the relatively hot air can produce water, this also is in the evaporation box structure, design of outlet pipe of truth; Evaporation tank and humidity and dust on the surface of the ventilation pipe for mold and fungi spawns provide the right conditions, mold and fungi will quickly multiply for mold and fungi, have biological decay peculiar smell, the smell with the open air conditioning, in air conditioning, pollution inside the car, often can make driving people feel uncomfortable, serious still can make the person has dizzy spin, such as chest discomfort, commonly known as "air-condition disease". Repair industry, in order to sol...


Summer should do well preservation of agricultural products

Seafood products and aquatic products now more and more appeared on the table for each family. People for a huge increase in its demand, prompting the cold storage and cold chain logistics requirements will also continue to improve. Nowadays the effect of cold storage is not simple to hoard seafood products and aquatic products, fruits and vegetables such as perishable goods are stored in start using refrigerator. Seafood required storage temperature is low, the general temperature under - 23 ℃, so the seafood, cold storage and freezer can be called seafood, seafood low temperature helps to keep the original quality and flavor, and at the same time can greatly extend the time of preservation of seafood, generally able to extend the preservation time is 3 to 6 months or so. And has a big difference in the storage of fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable storage temperature need stability in 0 ℃ or so. Relative humidity is around 90%. So the fruit and vegetable is known as the fru...


The more food is good food not frost

Frozen food convenient and affordable, welcome by the masses. In order to ensure that fresh, buy a lot of people choose strong cold, through the packaging can see clearly the ice. This is a myth. Director of Chinese nutrition society, shandong university, institute of nutrition and food hygiene rush new English professor told us that in daily life, if it is a direct freezing homemade dumplings, dumplings, and fresh meat products, etc., after reaching a certain temperature out of view, there would be no obvious ice. But there will be more storage time is long food surface frost. Supermarket frozen food, too, if too many frost, the instructions were not fresh. In addition, if the supermarket to buy frozen food packaging bags have more ice, could be thawed frozen again. "Open then frozen, change tissue cells, cell water content will increase, this may affect the food quality." Rush the new British said. And frozen just stopped the biochemical reactions and bacteria growth in food, and d...


Meat products cold-chain development in urgent need of the improvement of equipment and technology

In recent years, similar to the appeal of more hair than illegal meat processing events, make an already volatile areas of food safety panic. But still, the price of meat is still high iron. The cause of rising meat prices in addition to the market demand, as temperatures rise, storage and transport of meat difficulty increasing is also a major factor. The study found that control of perishable food security is the key to control the growth of microorganism, and the key to control microorganism is to control the temperature, temperature rise every 6 ℃, bacterial growth rate will be doubled in the food, the shelf life by half. This requires that the meat products storage and transportation must want to have the guarantee of cold chain....


Carbonated drinks freezing of the danger

Sorching summer, many people like to canned soda or beer in the refrigerator freezer, many restaurants and supermarkets also supply frozen beverage service. Little imagine, this has a lot of potential safety problems. Recently, some netizens said tweeting, frozen in the refrigerator of coke was exploded. The expert reminds, frozen canned drinks need to be careful, especially in tin carbonated drinks, still can have the danger of explosion. Reporter experiments: the spray cans TAB Reporters came to the supermarket to see, on the part of the carbonated beverage packaging, relevant precautions are marked. A beauty in tinned carbonated drinks, clearly marked with the following words: "forbid heating or 0 ℃ below freezing. Subsequently, the reporter bought two cans of soda. A TAB can be pull off completely. Another is the concave design TAB. Put two cans of soda bottles in the freezer. Hours later, out of carbonated drinks. First experiment TAB can be completely pull off cans. W...


The six methods to promote the development of cold chain

With the improvement of living standards of urban and rural residents and people's consumption habits change, represented by aquatic products, livestock products, fruits and vegetables and flowers in the cold chain logistics is getting hot, cold chain logistics industry with the increase of market demand ceaseless development, too. Cold chain to accelerate development, not only need strong support from all walks of life, need more effective support from the government. The following relevant methods about cold chain development: One is the government overall planning, related industry association cooperation, a big push. On food logistics, such as cotton, tobacco logistics, cold chain logistics planning accordingly, set goals and measures to achieve objectives, and to give people, goods, content, the substantial support from the national development and reform commission will support the development of agricultural and sideline products logistics project as the key point of interest ...


72 hours of aquatic products without ShuiBaoXian refrigerated transport

Ordinary transport aquatic product when there is always some unstable, or directly is the loss of the refrigerator will have frozen aquatic products, although have played an important role in keeping fresh, but in taste and freshness will sell at a discount greatly, more a the merchants, to save the fundamental will not consider to use refrigerated vehicles to transport, is to use water tank on the ordinary truck directly to destination. What does not know that after a bare room temperature long-distance transportation, harmful healthy live fish. For many transportation difficulties, recently, according to relevant personage national engineering research center for agricultural products logistics invented a new practical technology, not only can make a live fish in the water transportation, also can guarantee to all over the world, the fish is still alive. The new technology called "points of aquatic products without conservation live transportation technology", the principle of it is...


Under the normal temperature hot refrigerated food safety?

In some supermarkets, refrigerated foods such as yogurt is placed in a small freezer, was above on xiao leng along the bottom, piled up into a hill, exposed to the outside of the small freezers yogurt tightly stick to fold for more than three or four layers. Consumers watch carefully you will find the "hill" and the top two or three layers of yogurt packing surface after the cold water and mist, no temperature was close to normal temperature, equivalent to no refrigeration; Are stacked into "the hills" and the promotion of food being connected in cooked meat products. Many store the power of the cooked meat products in the freezers red lights on, can work the green light is out. Open the freezer temperature than the fresh meat, even if the freezer temperature display is 2 ℃ to 4 ℃, on the inside of the meat is only without freezing cold....


Pharmaceutical cold chain in our country is developing rapidly

As countries to further intensify the support of biotechnology industry, with biological products as the main body of the refrigerated drugs cold chain logistics industry also obtained fast development. The vast majority of biological products need low temperature preservation and transportation, cold chain quality higher and stricter standards, standard operation, cold chain has become a key link in the process of biological products quality guarantee. Refrigerated drugs global annual growth rate of more than 15%, far higher than other drugs the growth rate of around 7%....


This paper analyzes the reason of the refrigerator compressor frosted

Refrigerator compressor frost will not only reduce the service life of the compressor, refrigeration effect will decrease (refrigerant). So what are causes of the refrigerator compressor frosted? 1, filled volume of the refrigerant is too much, occupy the interior of the condenser volume and make the condensing pressure increase, more liquid into the evaporator. Fluid in the evaporator can't completely vaporized, with refrigerant compressor suction gas liquid. So, back to the gas pipe temperature drop, but the evaporation temperature did not change due to pressure did not drop, superheating temperature decreases. Without even turning down the expansion valve improved significantly. 2, spend big expansion valve to open. Due to the heat element binding too loose, contact with the muffler area is small, or insulating materials used for thermal components not taping and offset location error, etc., the temperature measurement is not accurate, temperature-sensing component, close to the a...


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