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Location schematic
Location schematic

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 203-way 217 Road Chenghai Chenghai Chenghai South Line

Address: Guangdong Shantou Chenghai Jinhong Road, Hengyuan Cold Chain Logistics Park


Flying dreams -- in the construction of infrastructure in Hengyuan

Release date:2015-07-16 19:44:47

    The growing need of enterprises, there is an old saying: "it takes a hundred years". Like the aircraft manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile industry is a step by step. In 2013, Hengyuan cold chain Shantou Chenghai Jinhong road logistics park in this piece of land and began to broadcast devoted to cold chain storage of the seeds of dreams!

    We believe that in this vast land, as long as the efforts, we must have a broad future.

    Hengyuan cold chain day by day continuous construction, appearance also began to take on an altogether new aspect.

    Built of reinforced concrete, as our firm had dreams unwavering.

    Success is a little bit every day is days and months multiplying, cast shield foundation, the future to continue to progress.

    We rub one's eyes and wait after the construction of cold chain hengyuan.

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