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On the great stage of capital market boost innovation and development of resources integration

Release date:2016-01-19 10:06:36

On the great stage of capital market boost innovation and development of resources integration

-- -- -- -- -- - guangdong hui yuan machinery co., LTD., listed on the success of the login new three board

On December 30, 2015, guangdong hui yuan machinery co., LTD. (stock abbreviation: fai source machinery, stock code: 835204) listed on the success of today, log on to the new three board, it marks the fai source machinery officially set foot on the capital market stage, for its mechanical equipment industry and the cold chain logistics industry had a shot of \"arm\", after listing, fai source machinery is expected to further enhance the quality of the products are optimized by the integration of related business and industry influence, by fine idea to strengthen the competitive power, finally returns to investors. By integrating various resources, help the future innovation and development!

Since 2001, fai source machinery through 14 years of hard work, has become a leading domestic machinery and equipment development of sell principal leading enterprises, in the field of production machinery development, adopts the most advanced design technology and manufacturing process, production of a series of hot chamber and cold chamber die-casting machine, double color flower machine mixed doubles double injection molding machine, best-selling products at home and abroad.

As the national five-year plan implementation details, cold chain industry rapid development in the new market environment, foreground huge. Enterprises begin to embody the industry diversification development, by shareholders Cai Hanguang cold-chain logistics group was formed in 2013, after the cold-chain logistics project intensively study, feasibility argumentation repeatedly, final project may be defined as turbine cold-chain logistics park, and put $two hundred million into the project implementation. After 18 months of construction, the project was completed in March 2015, put into operation in June the same year, provides customers with frozen storage, door to door, point-to-point transport, distribution and distribution of one-stop integrated cold chain logistics services.

Listed before, fai source machinery related business growth has very rapidly. But the company did not stop at the status quo, keep the principle of basing on the fundamental focus on the future, with the aid of the preparation before listing at the same time improve the various business line from point to surface, improve the organizational structure, to \"realize industry network layout, built a variety of high quality value-added services\" of the strategy of \"twin-engine\" laid a solid foundation.

The next 1-2 years, fai source mechanical plan through the open cooperation mode, realizing the severity of the cold chain infrastructure network layout, build financial and \"Internet +\" landing platform project, help small and medium-sized enterprises to optimize cash flow, meet the demand of financing, the response to the financial industry and the informationization demand. Relying on the strength of the business team and more systematic operation development system, capital markets, fai source machinery will emerge from a single industry services, become a one-stop integrated cold chain industry integration services.

Looking forward to the future, innovation will drive cold chain across, break through the traditional business model. Production and consumption is an organic whole repeatedly, industry and life synchronization growth, diversification of cold chain logistics era is coming. Fai source machinery will grasp industry trends, to provide customers with value-added services, gradually improve the business chain, cultivate customer stickiness, establish a long-term and stable partnership. By constantly improving the cold chain logistics system, development of cold chain logistics in China.

Fai source machinery will be the integration of logistics industry and the entity industry through benign interaction development, grasp the cross-border cold-chain, international trade, catering chains and raw electricity the timing of the transformation and upgrading, promote cold chain logistics industry to industry changes, the application of capital markets, new technology, and industry innovation and industry services, break through the traditional model, realize the cold chain industry. Promote the progress of China's cold chain industry brand, returns to the investors.

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