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Location schematic

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Customer Service Manager

Release date:2015-07-06 21:49:00


1, involved in the development and implementation of marketing programs;

2, design and optimize customer service a variety of processes;

3, the implementation of customer service standards and systems;

4, the daily work of the customer service department staff and management, guidance, training and assessment;

5. The contract interpretation customers, KPI interpretation;

6, appropriate complaint handling and customer service failure, the control track and analyze customer satisfaction;

7, optimizing all aspects of customer service.



1. Bachelor's degree or above, English CET-4 or above;

2, standard Mandarin, good communication skills;

3, there are more than 3 years experience in the logistics business priority customer service management;

4, can adapt to the instability of logistics enterprises;

5, the courage to take responsibility in a team;

6, did the team training and expansion of priority.
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