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Location schematic

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Freight forwarding Commissioner

Release date:2015-07-06 01:15:46


1, is responsible for maritime transport, air export business document production and operation

2, contact, communication, subcontractors and customers, as well as co-ordination

3, the arrangement coordinate cargo inspection, customs, transportation and other operations

4, customer maintenance and related work

5. Complete other superiors accountable

6, familiar with shipping and export business preferred



1, college education, more than 4, and have a good level of English reading and writing skills, familiar with office software

2, in the declaration of export operations more than two years of work experience

3, the operation to complete the whole process of independence declaration

4, proactive, rigorous thinking, good communication and coordination and teamwork spirit, sincerity and long-term development

5, having a customs declaration certificate (with agency inspection qualification certificate is preferred)
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