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California Citrus return to Chinese market

Release date:2015-07-06 11:24:18

China signed an agreement on restoring California citrus exports in 2014 quarter, since Chinese consumers are expected to enjoy a delicious American navel again.

Secretary-General of the United States Department of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced on March 22 of the relevant information, which will allow many Chinese consumers enjoy the sun fresh from California.

California citrus production was in April 2013 due to brown rot (Phytophthora syringae, a storage of fruit affect health through soil fungi) were suspended. In the following year, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to work closely with China to respond to the health problems of plants and can restart exports to China. The agreement means that exports will increase each year in California $ 30 million.

Mr. Vilsack said, "to re-open the Chinese market in 2014 harvest transport, thanks to the many colleagues in the joint efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, their collaboration with Chinese officials to resolve their concerns."

Chinese market's importance to the US citrus is self-evident, Mr. Vilsack JCCT meeting as early as December 2013 the United States proposed a plant health problems to the relevant Chinese authorities. USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and then with China AQSIQ conducted a series of scientific studies and the final report also contributed to the recovery of the Protocol entering into California's citrus exports to China. US authorities with the cooperation of the citrus industry during actively promoted negotiations on this matter.

In April, US officials have been met and developed a workplan, including the contents of the clauses of the Protocol and transportation process and effective pest control measures. Based on these findings, the United States and the two sides signed the agreement on August 3 this year to restore California citrus exports to China.

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