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Japan's transport live goldfish by ice sleep method

Release date:2016-01-13 14:40:04

Japan has a deputy director of the aquarium by the name of dike handsome husband, according to his many years of observation, practice, recently successfully developed a new way to transport live fish - ice method. Conventional methods transport goldfish, mainly relies on the water in the sealed container type oxygen to ensure the survival rate of goldfish, due to the high environmental temperature, this method also inevitably killed goldfish hypoxia. A pure chance, the frozen in the ice, deputy curator of the observed goldfish, can restore the original vitality after the ice melts, normally swim in the water. And he noticed that the world has some fish species, is frozen in ice, finally will recovery as a result of melting ice, so that he had put the goldfish in the ice transport then make ice thawing revived the goldfish. Due to the goldfish strong cold resistance, low temperature and can make its physiological activity down to a minimum, therefore, after many experiments, the Japanese finally succeeded. Now, as long as according to the dam, the research of method, put the goldfish in the water slowly cooling, make its physiological activity is abate, the frozen in the ice, can be convenient to transport. On arrival, make ice thaw slowly again, make water temperature rise gradually to restore its original physiological activities, it will soon be back to see the frolicking in the feeding of live goldfish.

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