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Shantou experimentation with poultry slaughtered "concentrate, cold-chain distribution, fresh listed"

Release date:2015-08-20 09:26:30

Recently, we have heard from shantou city food and drug administration, shantou in guangzhou, foshan and other pilot cities, on the basis of practice experience, combined with the local reality, make out the shantou poultry slaughtered "concentrate, cold-chain distribution, fresh listed" work plan ", in the city center, city, district, longhu district pilot implementation of poultry "concentrated slaughter, cold-chain distribution, fresh listed" work.

For poultry slaughtered "concentrate, cold-chain distribution, fresh listed" work, is the guangdong provincial party committee, the provincial government to strengthen bird flu epidemic prevention and control and the important measures to promote transformation and upgrading of the poultry industry, is a benefit public health and social and public health security of the people's livelihood project. Through the implementation of poultry centralized slaughtering, cold-chain distribution, fresh listed, can effectively prevent the spread of epidemic channels, reduce the spread of disease and cross infection risk, make no live poultry farmers market smell, more clean, also can improve the quality of poultry meat. Shantou Guo Lanyue, deputy director of food and drug administration, said jin selected area, longhu district as the pilot area basically has the following consideration: from the Angle of the prevention and control of avian influenza outbreak, jin area, longhu district is the city's downtown area, relatively dense population, is the key area of epidemic prevention and control. 2 from the Angle of the work for, jin area, economic development level is relatively high, longhu district jurisdiction citizens masses of fresh poultry products are easier to accept, and market distribution within their respective jurisdictions more concentrated, fresh poultry products distribution has some conveniences. Three respects from concentrated poultry slaughtering base, jin area, longhu district in recent years the implementation of centralized slaughtering pigs of the obvious achievement, can be based on the experience of the concentrated pig slaughtering the working practice, promote concentrated slaughter of poultry.

Implementation of poultry centralized slaughtering, cold-chain distribution, fresh listed work difficulty in where? Guo Lanyue said about it, is a concentrated poultry slaughtering location problem, neither near residential areas affect people life, and to consider the distance trade market distribution way can't too far. 2 it is need a process change traditional eating habits. The pursuit of the ingredients in the chaoshan area "raw" and "alive" eating habits ingrained, some consumers often think fresh poultry products in poor taste, would rather choose to buy live poultry or TPS birds often. Fresh listed is necessarily the direction of the future food consumption, but residents crowd immediately abandon the inherent buy live poultry consumption habits are not realistic, it requires a relatively long process. 3 it is fresh products is higher, need to increase the distribution, quarantine and other costs, so products live poultry products price is relatively expensive. In the early promotion may poultry business archives mouths sales and profits will be reduced. Therefore, we should study more reasonable fiscal subsidy scheme, through fiscal subsidies arouse the enthusiasm of slaughter, distribution and management each link.

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