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The fresh electric commercial high-tech reshape refrigerated transport formats

Release date:2015-08-17 14:30:50

America's fresh selling website fresh kingdom (FreshRealm) has recently introduced a new transport box, it can be fresh agricultural fusi material fast, safe and healthy to the consumers at home. The company name for the new transport boxes do micro spindle (Vessel).

As one of the many American shopping platform, fresh kingdom promised to ensure the quality to fresh produce to the hands of consumers. Semi-finished products in the United States, western food distribution site (such as Blue Apron and Plated) and online supermarket is fresh, like Instacart kingdom's main rival.

Transportation technology at present, the mainstream food ordering service level is still low, ingredients tend to independent packaging, plastic bags and then packed into carton, with only one-time ice bag as cold storage preservation tool at the same time, the mass transport inevitably cause a lot of food from spoiling.

Chief executive of the new kingdom mike the boulder (every Lippold) think they can do better. In the past two years, developed a new kingdom called a spindle ingredients shipping containers, also has further improved the logistics network of the company.

Has a name and fashionable design science fiction "shuttle" main body is composed of an advanced cooler, its shape fits like fedex express company. "Shuttle" internal has five drawers, a recycled cold source and a series of components. For a long time, fresh kingdom is secretive about "shuttle" design details, the boulder, says only it, using the principle of convection and conduction. Effect is the container of each layer in a zero and 41 degrees Fahrenheit (17.8-5 degrees c), it is the most suitable for most of the food cold storage temperature.

"Food transportation temperature control must be in the range." Boulder, says, "no matter the outside temperature is as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) or minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 6.7 degrees c)."

Such as milk from the farm direct shipment to the home of agricultural products, it is almost impossible for the state of the refrigerated transport to the homes of customers, especially when the customer is not at home, this problem becomes more and more trouble.

But fresh kingdom said, "shuttle" can put customers door, until the evening still keep refrigerated state. It precise temperature control will ensure the carrot, onion slices, and even pre-cut semi-finished products ingredients such as fresh meat.

"Shuttle" this container as a whole are recyclable - fresh kingdom will send Courier to come back the next day.

Terra's Kitchen is the first sign a cooperation agreement with fresh kingdom restaurant, in the past three months, the restaurant is located on the west coast branches used fresh ingredients of the kingdom. This restaurant's per capita consumption between 14 to $21, although a bit higher than the price of competitors, but it's the idea of using the freshest semi-finished ingredients is becoming more and more accepted by the modern people.

The boulder, says fresh kingdom's ultimate goal is to build a can provide selling fresh juice for growers and producers and salad trading platform.

If it ultimately successful, the new kingdom will reshape the refrigerated transport formats - it will be through efficient refrigerated transport perishable goods shipped to consumers' hands quickly. At present, the mainstream food transportation is still use refrigerated trucks.

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