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Location schematic

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Turbine cold chain storage service concept

Release date:2015-07-07 09:38:46

1. customer-centric logistics services
Customer-centric value-added services, including the use of third party professionals to buyers and sellers to delivery of products to choose from a variety of ways. Handling customer orders to manufacturers, direct delivery to stores or customers' homes, as well as retail store shelf in accordance with the required reserves continue to provide detailed specifications of goods delivery service. Such specialized value-added services can be effectively used to support the introduction of new products, as well as the seasonal distribution based on the local market.
2. Promotion of core logistics services
Promotional core of value-added services related to the unique selling points and sales people of the configuration, as well as to stimulate sales of a wide range of other services. Point of sale may contain a variety of sales products from different vendors, sales unit composed of more than one node in order to suit a particular retail store. In the case of the selection, to the promotion of value-added services as the core sample also reserve products to provide a special presentation, or even direct mail promotions. Many promotional core value-added services including point of sale advertising and promotional materials, logistics and support.
3. manufacturing as the core logistics services
In manufacturing as the core value-added services, it is to support the manufacturing activities through a unique product classification and delivery. Since each customer's actual facilities and manufacturing assembly is unique, then Ideally, the delivery and the introduction of inward flow of materials and components shall be customization. In manufacturing as the core of the service, not so much to predict on the basis of production unique products, as it is the basic product was modified to suit specific customer needs, the result is improved service.
4. Time-core logistics services
In time for the core value-added services, involving the use of professionals in the delivery of inventory before classifying combination sort, mainly in the form of JIT to satisfy various logistics services needs of the target time. In time for the core service, it is eliminate the unnecessary duplication of effort and warehouse facilities in order to maximize the speed of service.

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